Friday, 23 September 2011


President elect Michael Chilufya Sata
With less than an hour to go before President elect Michael Chilufya Sata is sworn in as the fifth Republican President of Zambia, patriotic Front (PF) cadres and sympathizers finally managed to gain entry into mass media complex to express their gratitude through their slogans and ululations.
The Unstoppable but somewhat peaceful cadres gained entry into mass media while chanting pro-PF slogans such, “let’s go Sata, let’s go,” while police officers followed them as they went straight front the entrance to the Zambia News and Information Services’ (ZANIS) Camera Section.
Five minutes later, the excited cadres of the now ruling party peacefully in the company of police officers turned back to the exit as they continued chanting on their way out.
ZANIS and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) members of staff peep through the windows while the brave ones came to see exactly what the cadres were up to.
However, the situation turned out different as the cadres did not damage any property or cause any injury to staff in mass media but merely cause anxieties in some people while others felt threaten.
The cadres later joined their fellows who were on their way to parliament where the President-elect was set to be inaugurated.
Jubilation and dance characterised the streets of Lusaka, the country’s capital city after final results of Tuesday’s tripartite elections were announced at the national totalling centre at Mulungushi Conference Centre shortly after midnight, today.
Meanwhile streets of Lusaka are full of cadres who are jubilating the victory of the 20th September, 2011 polls causing commotion especially in roads where traffic rules seem to have been ignored.
Chief Justice Ernest Sakala who is the returning office for the office of President declared Mr. Sata winner of this year’s presidential election.
At exactly 00:34 hours today, Mr. Sata was declared winner after he polled 1, 150,045 in the 143 constituencies tallied.
Chief Justice Ernest Sakala explained that it was within the law to declare Mr. Sata president even before the other seven constituencies were tallied.
Outgoing President Rupiah Banda only managed to poll 961, 796 votes.

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