Monday, 26 September 2011


President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata has commended the church for the role it played in ensuring that the nation holds peaceful and violent free elections.
President Sata said his Government commends the church for preaching love, peace and reconciliation.
He said his Government will be governed by biblical teachings based on the Ten Commandments.
The President was speaking in Lusaka today when he addressed congregants at Saint Ignitius Catholic Parish.
He told the congregation that his Government will also embrace the fight against corruption because one of the Ten Commandments states that ‘thou shall not steal.”
The President on this score warned that his government will persecute any one who steals irrespective of his or her social-economic  status or party affiliation.
President Sata who is a Parishioner of Saint Ignatius Parish thanked the church for their consistence and contribution to his ascending to Republican presidency in the last ten years.
He assured the church that his Government would adopt the catholic doctrine and discipline of services to the people.
The head of state said he would ensure equal distribution of wealth among all Zambians, saying he would not want to see a situation where his children have three meals a day while others had none.
He also emphasized the need for people across the country to love one another and embrace reconciliation.
Earlier, President Sata and wife Dr Christine Kaseba were blessed by the congregation and prayed for by Father Charles Chilinda.
Fr. Chilinda blessed the first couple as they knelt at the alter at who added the 08:15 and 10:00 hours mass knelt before the alter and prayed to God to give President Sata wisdom, knowledge and right judgment for him to effectively govern the people of Zambian.
And Father Chilinda urged Mr Sata to embrace all Zambians and desist from seeking retribution but love, peace and reconciliation.
He further stated that the Presidents crusade against corruption would not be successful if people do not get rid of corrupt practices.
“Corruption starts from within us. You can cry about the lack of medicines in hospital but if you steal medicines in hospitals, can the patients be able to access these medicines”, he said.
And Father Chilinda who acknowledged Mr Sata as the first Catholic President for Zambia said people voted for President Sata because they know that he is a hard worker and would deliver on his promises.
Father Chilinda has since given President Sata a new title dubbed “Servant King” and urged people never to refer to him again as King Cobra.
President Sata was accompanied by Kanyama Member of Parliament, former works and supply deputy minister Lameck Mangani and other senior PF officials.

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