Friday, 18 February 2011


Sinazongwe residents are up in arms with the Chinese Collum Coal  Mine (CCM) management for discharging coal effluent  into Sikalamba River which is the source of their water and  for their animals .
The residents have charged that coal effluent is the root cause of cholera out break that have already claimed two lives in sinazeze.
Speaking on behalf of Sinazeze residents Modestar Siakaulu appealed to the Chinese management to build ponds to ensure that the coal effluent was charged safely than allowing it flow into the stream.
Ms Siakaulu said the CCM has no under grounds toilets and the miners answer the call of nature within the tunnels.
She alluded that people living along the stream create wells and use the contaminated water which is resulting into perpetual cholera outbreak.  
ZANIS also found that children were swimming into the stream that has contaminated water.
Cholera out break has so far claimed t of five lives in two months and 55 people have since been treated of the disease.
Last year Cholera broke out at the CCM as result of poor hygiene and the mine was closed for some weeks until sanitation was restored.

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