Sunday, 20 February 2011


Senior chief Mwewa of the Ngumbo people in Samfya has complained of incessant harassment by some of his subjects among them his relatives, opposed to his chieftainship.

The chief says that some people, including his relatives, have not accepted his chieftainship, and are constantly harassing him.

He says he now feels insecure and has asked for police protection at his palace.

He was speaking when Luapula province minister Besa Chimbaka called on him at his palace over-the-weekend.

Senior chief Mwewa told the minister that at the time he expressed interest to contest the election to become chief, none of his relatives or members of the royal family to the throne questioned his eligibility.

However, he said since ascending to the throne some members of the royal family have refused to accept him as the eligible heir and losing candidates are now petitioning his chieftainship

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