Wednesday, 16 February 2011


The ruling Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) in Nchelenge District has threaten to dismiss the District Planning Officer (DPO) and the Council Secretary (CS) at the Nchelenge District Council for allegedly making comments against Government during an Africa Peer Review Mechanism ( APRM ) meeting held in Mansa on Monday.
MMD Nchelenge District Chairperson, Chibale Bulanda this morning stormed into the Office of the DPO, Danny Chibinda and threatened to have him with dismissal.
Mr Bulanda similary threatened the CS, Mwilu Lukwesa fired for allegedly telling the meeting that Government is corrupt.
ZANIS reports that an emotionally charged Mr. Bulanda told Mr. Chibinda that the MMD in the District has had enough with the Council Management.
The senior MMD official in the area who refused to take a seat even after it was offered to him by the DPO said the Party will next week Tuesday convene a meeting
at which it will make recommendations to relevant Authorities to fire individuals at the Local Authority who are working against the ruling party.
“As a Party, we in MMD have had enough with you Council Management, just wait for us on Tuesday where we will recommend that you are fired, whether the Minister is aware or not,” Mr. Bulanda said.
The MMD District Chairperson who was accompanied by a cadre, Kelvis Kabaso, said he had reliable information from the Security wings and senior MMD members from Mansa to the effect that Mr. Chibinda and his Council Secretary, Mr. Mwilu Lukwesa were anti-MMD.
“You said the Government President Rupiah Banda is Corrupt and you can’t deny this because i have been informed as MMD District Chairperson by the Security Wings and Senior MMD Members from Mansa that said things against our Government,” Mr. Bulanda said.
In response, Mr. Chibinda said the APRM meeting held at Mansa Hotel on Monday was an open meeting where participants were expected to make truthful and fair comments on how they perceived Government was being run.
The senior council official explained that there was need to make a distinction between the Party and Government in order to prevent the harassment of employees by Cadres.
Mr. Chibinda said during the meeting he had questioned why the Office of the Nchelenge District Commissioner was giving out application forms for Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) Funds to mostly  MMD Cadres.
He said during the same meeting he commented at how the Lusaka City Council allocated itself more plots than members of the public as one example of bad governance.
Mr. Chibinda wondered why Mr. Bulanda only picked out what he perceived as anti-Government statements because  during the same meeting he made mention of  the positive developments that has occurred in the Country as a result of good policies by Government.
He said during the gathering he pointed out the establishment of Farm Blocks in all the Provinces of the Country as an example of good Governance which has led to employment creation among Zambians.
The DPO also said during the meeting, he said the promotion of Tourism as a way of diversifying the Economy from being dependent on Copper Production was an excellent illustration of good governance.
But despite the DPOs explanation, the MMD District Chairperson who recently joined the Party following his defection from the Patriotic Front (PF) angrily walked out of the office as he uttered threatening words to the DPO to the effect that he was going to lose employment soon.

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