Thursday, 17 February 2011


Zambians living in the United Kingdom recently officially launched a television station called Zambian Music Television (ZMTV) that will broadcast a wide range of Zambian music in the European country and the surrounding areas.
According to the ZMTV website , the launch was done on Friday February 11, 2011 at the Zambia House in London and was attended by several Zambian citizens resident in the U.K.
Among them included Zambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Assistant Secretary for Press Rejoice Likumba and the Station Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) Remo Boka and his Director Coby Blacks among others.
ZMTV aims to broadcast Zambian Music and Art as a way of engaging fellow Zambians, and others interested in Zambia, who are actively online.
The station also aims to promote talents such as musicians, models, fashion designers, dancers and showcasing cultural events, including on a large scale, such as Zambian Independence Celebration, among others.
“Included in our focus, is a desire to expand using visual imagery, “the TV station management says on its website.
ZMTV overall passion is to develop Zambians’ sense of belonging and build the national motto “One Zambia One Nation.”
It also aims at reaching out to as many fellow Zambians in the UK and around the globe via the internet to deliver an inspirational and positive message and share Zambian Culture.
The TV station says it seeks to highlight, strengthen and re-enforce Zambian identity within Zambian communities, and project the same to non-Zambians in Europe.
“In this age of globalisation, cultural identity is crucial to the survival of communities and individuals. It will help people to connect with their home culture, and connects Zambians to their communities which exist here in Europe,” says the website.
It adds that it is promoting and strengthening Zambian culture among the Zambian communities in Europe, and therefore keeping them connected to Zambia itself, while at the same time promoting Zambian culture and to the wider non-Zambian population, which can benefit ZMusicTV, the Artists involved, and Zambia itself.

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