Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Government  has advised the local authority in Southern Province not to allocate land to a few  rich  people  but all Zambians.
Lands minister Gladys Lundwe said there is need  for the  councils  in the province  to evenly distribute and offer  land fairly and equitability to all  the people of Zambia.
She said what the local government in the province should know is that allocation of land is not a preseve of rich people .
She stressed that land allocation should be for all Zambians irrespective of their social-economic situation.
The minister said  this  when she addressed  Councils  in Chome at a seminar  dubbed:  Lands  Development  Fund LDF in Sothern Province today.
Ms Lundwe  said there was  need  for  councils in  these areas to  work  closely  with  her  ministry  in order to effectively  and  efficiently  distribute  land  to the public.
She urged the councils to make sure that they follow the land down procedures as out lined in the land secular no 1. Of 1985.
Meanwhile,  Choma District Commissioner Laiven Apuleni   called on the councils in the areas to hide to governments call for them to offer land fairly and equitably to the people.  
He said  this will  enable  people to  also benefit from  this  land from  the  council  so that the people can  also develop the land.

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