Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Zambia Consumer  Assocation  ( ZACA )  has urged government  to find ways  of  stabilizing  fuel  prices  in the country  as they  do not only  affect  motorists in general  but has  negative  effects on the economy as well.
ZACA acting  Excutive  secretary Samuel  Simutenda  said that  with  the country’s recording a single digit inflation rate  figure, Zambia  should  not  experience  situations .
Mr Simutenda  told ZANIS Kitwe  in an interview  today  that government  needs  to  find  means  of stabilizing  fuel  prices  even when  the price  of crude oil is increased  on the  international  market.
He added  that government  should take advantage  of cooper prices going  up  and it  being  a chief foreign exchange corner of the  country Kwacha  should gain  even if prices  of crude oil are raised  worldwide.
Fuel prices were recently increased by the Energy Regulation Board ( ERB ) citing increase of the commodity on the international market a move that has unsettled the general public.
The price of Petrol has been increased from the current K 7 639 Kwacha to K 8 647.
Diesel, which is currently fetching K6 999 will now be selling at K7 950 kwacha.
Consumers of goods and services in the country fear that the increase of fuel will have a spiral effect on food prices and transport services, among others.
Meanwhile, the ZACA senior official has urged  mobile service providers  to provide  quality  mobile  services to  their  customers.
Mr. Simutenda   said mobile  services  are not of high  standards  and that  the providers  are  spending  huge sums  of  money on advertising  services  which  they are  unable to  provide.
He said there are cases  when it is  difficult to  get  in touch  with  people  basically  because of the poor services  by  some  mobile  service providers.

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