Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Monze District commissioner Joyce Nondo has challenged the department of buildings to monitor construction works before certificates of completion are on any infrastructure funded by Government.
Speaking during the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meeting held at the council conference unit on Tuesday, Mrs.Nondo said that a number of constructions under Government projects were not done up to expected standards.
She said that some buildings were indicating signs of collapsing because no proper supervision and monitoring had been carried out.
The District Commissioner said that Government was spending a lot of money on various developmental projects and expected its officers to ensure that contractors do not do shoddy works.
She cited the newly constructed hostels for Monze School of Nursing at Muchuya in Monze which she said was done haphazardly because it had already developed cracks before it could be completed.
Mrs.Nondo called on the infrastructure sub-sector committee of the DDCC to work together with the department of buildings and all other members with skilled manpower in order to avoid waste of resources by redoing structures.
She also warned against misappropriation of public funds meant for various projects adding that there was also need to stick to Government procurement procedures whenever materials for construction of infrastructure were being purchased.
However during the same meeting it was revealed that Monze District had embarked on developing an investment profile for the purpose of the twining concept of Southern province of Zambia with Guanzxi province of the People’s Republic of China.
Monze District deputy planning officer Mazuba Kalyabantu said that Southern province was twinned last year with the Guanzxi province for the purpose of economic, infrastructure development, trade, capacity development, tourism, culture, sport, agriculture and local governance.
Mr.Kalyabantu told members of the DDCC that the main objective of the twinning programme was to develop favorable cooperation and explore channels of exchange on the basis of equality, mutual respect and mutual benefits.
He said that the implementation of the concept will involve consultation between the two provinces in conjunction with central Government of the two Countries through their sector ministries and other relevant institutions.
Mr.Kalyabantu added that each District was expected to prepare a District profile towards the concept and Monze District has already prepared one but called for more submissions towards the profile before it could be submitted.
He said once the concept is implemented successfully the Monze District like other Districts in Southern province will benefit from job creation and wealth creation that will help reduce poverty by improving people’s livelihoods.

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