Friday, 14 January 2011


The Epidemic Preparedness Committee in Kazungula District in Southern Province has embarked on a sensitisation programme in areas where possible outbreak of diarrhea cases such as cholera and other water borne diseases was imminent during this rainy season.
ZANIS reports that the Committee which was led by Senior Environmental Health Technologist at Kazungula District Health Management Team Angelina Mungole made their first visit at Mukuni Rural Health centre today.

The team met with two Rural Health Centre representatives and other stakeholders to discuss various measures that could be devised to prevent any outbreak of diarrhea diseases during this season and in future.

During the discussion period, Mrs. Mungole emphasised the need for a focal point person at the clinic to frequently call for meetings where issues on cholera prevention measures could be discussed thereby, creating awareness to the surrounding communities on how best to prevent diarrhea diseases.

Mrs. Mungole stressed that cholera was real hence people should be reminded to be alert at all times and take various precautionary measures to avoid such occurrences.

She said though Kazungula had not recorded cholera cases yet, the district as a whole should not relax and remain silence on the issue.

Mrs. Mungole said this was the time communities should be acquainted with messages such as protection of water sources by chlorinating the water or boiling it before drinking, hand washing with soap before handling food and after using the toilet, having refuse bins and staying in a clean environment among others.

She stated that it was always important for school authorities to give health education talks to pupils as the information would easily spread to their parents or guardians.

Mrs. Mungole appealed to Mukuni Rural Health centre to always talk to incoming patients on issues of hygiene and diarrhea related topics as well as taking advantage of existing committees in the area to disseminate information on cholera.

Meanwhile, Kazungula District Health Management Team is ready to deal with any cholera case should the disease break out.

Senior Environmental Health Technologist Angelina Mungole disclosed this to ZANIS in an interview.

Mrs. Mungole said a cholera kit was already in place adding that tents were also in place at District Commissioner’s Office in Kazungula.

She added that all Teams to redress the situation should there be an outbreak had already been formed.

And ART Officer in charge at Mukuni Rural Health centre Mark Anaba said the rural health centre had a cholera kit adding that a postnatal room had been reserved for any such occurrences.

Mr. Anaba said existing committees in the area have never met to discuss issues of epidemic awareness saying it had been a challenge because most people in those committees were volunteers never willing to show commitment.

Other targeted risk areas where the District Epidemic Preparedness Committee members would visit are Kazungula border post, Mambova, Makunka, Kabuyu and Simango respectively.


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