Monday, 10 January 2011


The opposition  Patriotic  Front ( PF ) says it is  grateful to its pact partner United Party for National Development (UPND) for helping the party to become popular in Southern province.

And at the same launch, 30 MMD members defected to PF citing corruption and other irregularities in the MMD, as reason for their defection.

PF Provincial chairman Joseph  Akafumba said today that the cordial relationship with the pact partner UPND  has helped his party to grow in the province.

“ PF ‘s popularity in the province has grown massively, now. We ( PF ) have become  a major talk  of the day in the province, “ Mr. Akufuna said .

The provincial chairman said this at the launch of PF campaigns in the province yesterday in, Mbabala constituency in Choma .

He claimed the MMD has failed the people of Zambia lamentably especially in Southern province hence the need for them to join the PF.

He cited the recent burning down of people ‘s houses in Macha Chiefdom of Choma district and the shooting of miners at column coal mine in Sinazongwe District were the major indicators of government ‘s failure to protect its people.

He accused government of siding with foreigners.

He explained that the journey to change Zambia, which has began in Mbabala constituency, will spread to other districts in the province.

The PF provincial chairman  further charged that there is need for the people to vote the MMD out, accusing government of being corrupt and  visionless.

Mr.  Akafumba  also pointed out that the MMD is deceiving people by claiming things they did not initiate  adding that it is high time people should say bye to it.

He advised people of Mbabala not to be deceived by the tarring of Choma Namwala road stating that is a duty of any government of the day to develop the country.

Mr. Akafumba said the PF has been always  ready to address the challenges facing people hence the need to give it chance in this year s tripartite elections.

The PF provincial chairman said president Banda is  spending much time commissioning small projects insteady of addressing serious  challenges the country is facing.

He also refuted claims made by some people that PF is tribal and has challenged those claiming to came out in open .

And at the same launch, 30 MMD members defected to PF citing corruption and other irregularities in the MMD.

“We have been neglected by MMD hence the reason why we have decided to join PF because it seem to be focused,” they said.

Among those who claimed to have defected include Maxwell Muchimba who is former  MMD Kabimba ward chairman,George Sikabanze former  MMD Kabimba youth chairman and senior MMD member in Mbabala constituency Stanley Moyo .


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