Thursday, 23 September 2010


Bankers Association of Zambia (BAZ) has expressed concern over the increased cases of fraud involving Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards being recorded at most retail banks.
BAZ Chairperson Savior Chibuye said perpetrators of the fraud use a number of sophisticated methods to manipulate the debit system on the card.
Mr. Chibuye said in most cases the Debit cards are duplicated or scanned so that they can be used in other countries.
He has advised people wishing to withdraw money to exercise maximum care so that no one nearby can copy their pin number nor capture their ATM card using a device containing camera.
“To avoid this, we appeal to members of the public wishing to withdraw their money from the Bank to make sure no one sees their Pin Number nor use a camera device such as a phone to record their debit card transaction because mostly those things would be reproduced at a later stage for fraud purposes, “he said.
He further advised those who have a habit of writing their Pin numbers on the ATM cards or those who like putting them in handbags to avoid doing so as it is highly risky.
“If the Handbag is stolen it becomes a problem because in case the handbag is stolen then the pin is gone and whoever might steal it is likely to use it for offensive purposes, “he said.
He said his Association has also discovered that some of the scanned debit cards’ Pin numbers are used outside the country.
He said most banks have tried to fight the vice by restricted transaction of certain numbers outside the country.
BAZ has since issued a notice to members of the public to desist from responding to e-mails that request them to verify their bank debit card details as these messages are usually from fraudsters outside the country.
BAZ says internet frauds are common in most developing countries.

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