Friday, 24 September 2010


Parliament yesterday heard that the Ministry of lands has revoked the land administration agency from Lusaka city council because the council was ignoring the laid down procedures as provided under the land circular No.1 of 1985.
Gladys Lundwe
Lands Minster Gladys Lundwe said section (7) of Land circular No. of 1985 gives reserved powers to the minister responsible for Land to suspend the agency of any council that is not following procedures.
She told the House that she used her powers under this section to revoke the agency of the Lusaka city council.
She was responding to a question raised by Kanyama Member of Parliament Colonel Gerry Chanda, who wanted to know when Ministry of Lands will restore the land administration agency to the city council, and what reasons led to the revocation of the agency.
Ms Lundwe said the illegal land allocation was one of the reasons and the action taken by her ministry is within its legal mandate to revoke the agency of the council.
She, however, told the House that her ministry was not privy to the details of the individuals involved in the scam as the ministry's interest was in the process and not individuals.
This was in response to a question raised by Kanyama MP Gerry Chanda who wanted to know if illegal land allocation was one of the reasons, whether council officials were involved in the land scam and whether action was taken against the culprits.
Ms Lundwe noted that the agency would be restricted upon the ministry.

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