Friday, 3 September 2010


Bakili Muluzi
Malawi’s retired president Bakili Muluzi returns home on Saturday from South Africa where he went for medical treatment.
Joy Radio owned by the former president reported that Muluzi will arrive on Saturday through Chileka International Airport at noon.
He failed to attend trial of his corruption indictment on Friday where he was expected to take plea.
Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) director Alex Nampota asked the High Court to revoke Muluzi’s bail arguing that the former president is playing “hide and sick games” in the case.
However, one of Muluzi’s lawyers Jai Banda asked the court to adjourn the case to 5th October as the accused was expected to arrive Saturday and that he would need more time to rest.
Muluzi failed to jet into the country on 28th August due to the shortage of forex that has locked the country as the funds for settling medical bills and accommodation could not be remitted to him by government on time.
There was a shortage of forex….and eventually he failed to pay for the medical bill. Once that is done, my father is coming back any day.” said Atupele, Muluzi’s son in a Sunday Times of August 29.
Banda further told the court that the second accused Lyness Whiskey will be traveling to Australia for a son’s wedding from the 15th September to 5th October.
However, ACB director, Alex Nampota counter-argued saying the case should be adjourned to 6th September as the accused is not complying with court proceedings.
Nampota further told the court that the judge needs to tread carefully as this was the case on non compliance.
Muluzi is being represented by Jai Banda, Fahad Assan and Sheen Msukwa, whilst the ACB  prosecution team is head by Nampota.
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