Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Michael Mabenga
The late Gladys Mabenga Chitika daughter of Lands Deputy Minister Michael Mabenga has finally been buried at the Leopard Hill Memorial Park.
The burial which failed to take place yesterday was finally conducted after the family had a second and independent postmortem.
Family representative, Raphael Mabenga said the family is happy with the methodology that was used in the second postmortem that was conducted by a Russian Doctor at the University Teaching hospital (UTH) today.
He told a gathering at the burial site that the family is however waiting for the results of the postmortem which will be released by the Ministry of Health.
“We conducted a second postmortem today but the results are not yet released to us, we are told to wait for a go ahead on the results by the ministry of health. We are however happy that this has been conducted, we are happy with the methodology used and it was transparent” he said.
Mr. Mabenga further disclosed that police have instituted fresh investigations into the matter adding that there was also a new set of police officers present to witness the postmortem.
Meanwhile, Information and Broadcasting Minister, Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha urged the family to look up to God saying the cause of death will be revealed.
He said although it was appointed for every person to die, it was saddened by the unexpected death of the late Mrs. Mabenga Chitika.
Lt. Gen. Shikapwasha described Mrs. Mabenga Chitika who was an Executive Officer in his ministry as a dedicated worker and an asset to both the family and the government.
And President Rupiah Banda has sent a message of condolences to the Mabenga family.
The President said in a letter addressed to the family and read by Mabenga’s family spokesperson Colonel Patrick Lubinda that he was deeply saddened by the sadden death of their daughter.
And in a sermon at the church service at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus, Father Sylvester Ngandu called on people to have love for one another.
He said there are high cases of gender based violence, child abuse and the like because people have neglected the simple teaching of the Bible on love.
Fr. Ngandu said the greatest tragedy that has befallen the human race is stopping caring and loving one another.
The late Gladys Mabenga Chitika is survived by a husband, and two children.
First lady Thandiwe Banda and wife to the Vice President Irene Kunda were among cabinet ministers, deputy ministers and other senior government officials who attended the funeral procession.

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  1. Mr Raphael S. Mabenga. Please accept my sympathy. I am Alfred Smith, we both studied at the Transport and Road Research Laboratory in the United Kingdom. It would be nice to make contact with you again. My email address