Thursday, 2 September 2010


Government has said it will not compensate illegal settlers whose houses will be demolished.
Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President Gaston Sichilima said the demolition process will start soon and those that bought plots from individuals without title deeds will lose their houses without compensation.
Mr. Sichilima disclosed this in an interview in Lusaka today that Government will instead arrest illegal settlers and prosecute them for trespassing on other people’s land without compensating them.
He said Government will go ahead with the demolition exercise throughout the country to restore sanity in the issuance of land.
The Minister pointed out that people who have encroached garden area along Mumbwa Road, Chinika and Chalala areas risk losing their houses if they have no valid title deeds.
He said people should follow the right procedure whenever they wanted to acquire land and not buy from cadres or people who have fake title deeds or no titles at all.
However, Mr Sichilima said Government will not take appropriate action against cadres involved in illegal land selling regardless of their political affiliation.
He added that Government, through the Ministry of lands, is the only rightful authority to give land adding that people should either verify with the respective Councils or Ministry of lands before building a house to avoid inconveniences.
He said that the demolition process is not the issue of Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) but that Government wants to bring legality to land acquisition in the country.

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