Saturday, 18 September 2010


Members of the diplomatic corp have described President Rupiah Banda speech during the official opening of the fifth session of the tenth National Assembly as brilliant and inspiring.
President Banda today opened the fifth session of parliament and addressed a numbers of issues ranging from the country’s internal matters to regional and international relations.
Russian Ambassador to Zambia Boris Malakhov told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today, that the President’s speech has given cooperating partners confidence that Zambia is ready to improve its international relations with other countries.
Mr. Malakhov disclosed that in areas of peace and security Zambia has scored a number of successes that are good for international relations.
Charles Milupi Happy with speech
He said President Banda’s speech has further demonstrated that the Zambian government is ready to continue building on the peace and security that it has already achieved.
He cited the assuming of the Chairmanship of the Southern African Development Communities (SADC) on Peace and Security by President Banda as one of the indications that Zambia has a significant role to play in the promotion of peace in the South African region and the African continent as a whole.
And Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Qianmin has described the speech by President Banda as brilliant.
Ambassador Li noted the speech by the President brings hope not only to Zambians but even other cooperating partners.
He said the speech by the President will also go a long way in enhancing its social and economic development for the betterment of the citizens.
Meanwhile, Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) leader Charles Milupi in a separate interview has expressed happiness with the Presidents announcement on the need to have uniform fuel prices.
Mr. Milupi noted that he was happy that government has responded positively on the urgent need to have a uniform pricing system on all petroleum products throughout the country just like the way it is with electricity.
He explained that the move will make the rural community compete favorably with their urban counterparts when it comes to investing in the energy sector.
During the opening of the fifth session of tenth National Assembly today, President Banda announced that government has worked out a uniform pricing mechanism to ensure fuel prices across the country are some.

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