Thursday, 16 September 2010


By The Globe Reporter
FOUNDATION for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director Dr. Charity Musamba has called for a robust civic and voter education programme that will created create a pool of informed electorate and citizens capable of making informed choices during the 2011 tripartite elections.
Speaking during the launch of FODEP organized civic and voter education programme in Kabompo, in Northwestern province, Dr. Musamba called for a robust voter education because the 2011 presidential and general elections were likely to be highly competitive.
“As we are all aware, Zambia will be heading to the polls in 2011.
These elections are likely to be highly competitive hence the need to carry
out a robust Civic and Voter Education Programme for the purpose of creating a pool of informed electorate and citizens capable of making informed choices during the 2011 tripartite elections,” said Dr. Musamba. “, It is in this vein that FODEP is honoured to launch its North-Western Province Voter and Civic Education Programme through the financial support from United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP).
This programme will help eligible electorate in the province to participate in and contribute effectively to the development of a democratic society.”
She said education and information were essential for any successful electoral process that produces acceptable electoral results.
Dr. Musamba said there could be no credible elections without informed voters.
She observed with great concerned that North-Western Province had the least number of registered voters of 244,815 in the whole country despite having a total population estimated at 583,350 (2000 Census of
Population and Housing figures).
“This entails that only less than 50% of the total provincial population comprised registered voters in 2005. Even going by the recent figures of registered voters released by the Electoral Commission of Zambia on 27th August 2010, the province has so far registered the least number of new voters, which figure stands at 27,982. “ Dr. Musamba said. “There must be reason for this outcome. This means that a number of people in the province are either disinterested in actively participating in the electoral process or do not value democratic dispensation. Regardless of the case, could this be a sign that people are disinterested?  Or does this underscore the very importance of the programme that FODEP is launching today? Therefore, every Zambian must be concerned with the low levels of registered voters in the province.”
Dr. Musamba said her organisation targeted Kasempa, Kabompo, Mwinilunga and Chavuma and reach out to at least 50,000 registered voters in the four districts.
She asked the people in Northwestern province to take personal responsibility in denouncing electoral violence, tribalism and tribal conflicts.
“These vices make it impossible to have an inclusive, competitive, credible and free and fair elections and electoral process in the country. We, therefore, urge all of you to take this personal responsibility to preach for coexistence, respect and unity in the province seriously,” she said.

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