Monday, 13 September 2010


Ambassador Sheila Siwela
ZAMBIAN Ambassador to the Unites States of America (USA) Sheila Siwela has asked Zambians living in the US to speak good about their country in order to attract foreign investment.
Addressing Zambians residing on Washington D. C. Siwela urged Zambians to emulate their counterparts from Western African countries who contributed to the growth of their countries’ economies.
“Remember that countries such as Ethiopia or those in West Africa have grown tremendously as a result of the income earned from their nationals in the diaspora. Remember, therefore, that no matter how long you live in this country, Zambia will always remain a country which you can call home because your roots are there. Most of us present were educated in Zambia. It would thus be ideal to give back to Zambia,” Siwela told the Zambians living in  Washington. “With regard to attracting investment and promoting tourism, I consider you all as active players. It is our duty to promote your country. We should not be talking negatively about Zambia. We should emulate our hosts who are very patriotic when they are outside their country. To them America comes first regardless of their diverse background.”
She urged Zambians to sell their country’s tourism potential adding that Zambia had enjoyed peace since its independence  despite the upheavals experienced in some of its neighbouring countries.
“You should seize that opportunity to talk about your country – not only the Victoria Falls in Livingstone, but also other tourist attractions such as the Northern circuit, the Kafue national park and Luangwa national park,” she said.
Siwela called for closer relationship between the Zambian communities and the embassy. She told Zambians that it was President Rupiah Banda’s directive that Zambians in the diaspora were well represented by their embassies.
Siwela said it was important that Zambians considered each other as close relatives in order for them to live as one big happy family.
“It does not matter whether we are here legally or otherwise. I thus urge you to feel free to visit your embassy at any time or pick up the phone and talk to any member of staff. Let me remind you that whenever one of us has a problem, the members will do what is within their means to assist, although we cannot provide financial assistance as an embassy because there is no budget line for such,” she told Zambians.
She urged Zambians in the diaspora to renew their passports.
Siwela has since met the Zambian communities in Pittsburgh, Kansas city, Boston and Altimore.

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