Wednesday, 1 December 2010


By The Globe Reporter
A split is looming in MMD between members who claim to be the founding members of the party and those perceived to be new comers, mostly linked to the former ruling party UNIP.
According to sources, the split arises from some MMD founding members losing strategic party positions to the "UNIP cadres".
"The trend which has seen a UNIP zealots taking over MMD position after President Rupiah Banda went to State House is worrying many of us true MMD members," said one of MMD founding member.
Some MMD founding members have accused Lusaka province MMD chairman William Banda of leading a campaign of dislodging MMD cadres from their positions and replacing them with his UNIP counterparts.
"This scheme might not work well for President Banda because he is too associated with these UNIP cadres. He is likely to lose out on the support of many MMD members," the source said.
The sources disclosed that many MMD members were watching the development with keen interest as the party prepares for its convention.
According to sources, the structures being organised by William Banda is not recognised by many MMD supporters.
"We are in serious consultations with all our structures
and leadership regarding the matter. We shall not allow UNIP to hijack our hard earned election victory of 1991. We shall fight and a split is an option in offing," said one of the sources.

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